About Us

Mary O'Neill – Director

Mary is one of the founding directors of the London design agency having over 20 years experience within the industry, collaborating with companies such as Rio Tinto, Diageo, Kingfisher, DeBeers and IBM. Mary’s strengths are her thoughtful, knowledgeable and intelligent understanding of clients needs, along with her passion for communications.

Her desire is in building an engaging communications network through a company that releases the potential of every employee and provides a work environment where people can learn, grow and have fun.

Email mary@altadicta.co.uk

Michael Delaney – Director

Michael has worked with clients such as Jaguar, Harley-Davidson, Porsche and Coca-Cola his motivation and drive is put to good use in helping companies build upon brands that bring pleasure to their customers, suppliers, partners and fulfilment to their employees.

His mantra is: Every great business needs a purpose, without a purpose there is nothing to shape personal and collective ambitions. Michael has plenty of experience within the design industry and is a respected communications specialist.

Email michael@altadicta.co.uk

How We Engage

Altadicta deliver engagement by design. We are specialists in internal communications, corporate branding and events. We ensure optimum value for big brands by inspiring change, creative design and by being expert in all we do. We transform stakeholders into one group of brand advocates proud of and aligned with brand objectives.