Corporate Branding: Everything you need to know!

Corporate Branding in essence is the projection and visual recognition of a brand, its logo and its properties. So WHY is the term such a hot topic and keyword in the world of marketing? Especially in terms of employee engagement?

Let me explain why office corporate branding is the future:

Firstly, office corporate branding is the ultimate form of communication to speak to your employees and stakeholders alike. Altadicta’s rich history of working with some of the world’s largest companies highlights that the best way to increase employee engagement is through producing internal corporate branding campaigns. Employee engagement? Yes, in the millennial tech-savy gogglebox age that we live in, companies must constantly engage with their employees. WHY? To increase retention rates and ultimately create a culture within a company.


Secondly, corporate branding is a sure fire way of ensuring that the corporate vision of a company is visible (at all times). How many of us keep track of changes on our intranet or actually clicked on the memo from HR? Visibility is king. What could alter an employees mindset on a dreary Monday morning more than a refreshed, innovative office? Put your employees at the forefront of your decision making and enhance your corporate vision. Let the employees embrace the company culture and values.

Lastly, employees should be brand ambassadors for their companies. The work/life balance is becoming more and more equal. Companies that succeed need their employees to be a chairperson at all times - especially in their downtime. Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organisation and its goals. The emotional commitment means engaged employees actually care about their work and their company.

During my short tenure in the world of marketing, this has been the most eye opening factor for me. Energise those who work for you, create an emotional attachment to work and increase your engagement via the medium of corporate branding. The concept of executing internal communications ensures your external communications succeed - the age-old phrase of showcasing the ‘company behind the brand’ has never been more imperative. Consumers and especially employees need to be involved in the values, culture and decision making processes of their brand.

For any ideas on how to achieve the ultimate office corporate branding.

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