What is employee engagement? A buzzword or business builder?

‘Engagement’ has been a management buzzword for some time now. Behind the jargon is a genuine desire to enhance the relationships people have with each other, their managers, their leaders and the company they work for. When these relationships are strong and positive, employees feel a greater sense of ownership of what they do, and of their company. And ultimately, they perform better for their business.

Employee engagement has become a fully-fledged business discipline in just a few years. Some people think it’s all smoke and mirrors… others are passionate about the opportunity it presents.

Despite all the talk, a review of current survey and polls suggests that only around half of us are engaged at work. So there’s ample opportunity to do better.

Altadicta is known for design, internal communications, experiential marketing and events. A good proportion of this work is focused on employee audiences, and our approach is to produce engaging solutions to business challenges.

Best ways to engage your employees:

  • Vision and strategy - articulate your company goals that are clear and relevant to employees.

  • Storytelling and narrative development - identify, research and craft the messages that stick. Illustrate them visually, or through video/audio for digital programmes.

  • Employee advocacy - employees are the most trusted advocates for a business and have the potential to amplify your brand in the best possible way.

  • Leadership - leaders play a vital role in engaging employees. Figure out what works to engage your people.

  • Change and transformation - constantly evolve, companies seek a balance of tried and tested approaches. Inject fresh thinking and design to help turn ‘another change’ into a genuine transformation.

  • Communication and engagement training programmes - create tailored programme to enhance the skills of your professional communications, line managers or employees.

We recognise that it is not a ‘one size fits all’. How you communicate is perhaps more important than what you are communicating. You need to develop clear and compelling messaging to identify the most impactful medium across diverse audience groups.

Altadicta is passionate about using great engagement approaches and we’re increasingly being asked to do more in this field - from devising and delivering complete engagement strategies, to developing internal channels, managing programmes and orchestrating training. There is an excellent fit with our core services and we have expanded our team to include expertise in engagement to provide a more holistic solution where it will benefit our clients.

Employee engagement is the business builder for enhanced business performance.