Coca-Cola launch two new flavours for Fuze Tea

The Coca-Cola Company has recently launched two new flavours for the Fuze Tea brand. Peach Hibiscus and Mango Chamomile are part of the company’s new disciplined growth strategy - listening to consumers and rethinking recipes. The tea-based drinks was produced to market-to-market to meet its consumers requirements. In Europe, the launch of Fuze Tea saw a reduction in sugar content and the addition of vitamins along with minerals.

Fuze Tea branding at Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s business strategy is to focus on achieving the title of being a ‘total beverage company’. To do so, Coca-Cola has diverted their attention away from carbonated drinks into launching new products including Fuze Tea. The team at Altadicta launched the internal branding launch at Coca-Cola’s Headquarters in Wimpole Street, London. The communications specialist designed, printed and installed the branding to be located throughout the Headquarters. We urge you to go out and grab one of the new flavours!